New Domain Control Panel URL’s

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Our retail domain name and domain name reseller sites have moved to new locations.

You can now find the retail domain supersite located at, and the domain control panel located at The domain reseller site has been moved to and domain reseller control panel to

It's all in a name

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To do business on the Web, you will need at least one domain name. You may want to use your business name as your domain name, or you might pick a new domain name that you think will attract people to your website to purchase your products or services.

What to consider when choosing a domain name:

* Descriptiveness – The ability for the domain to be associated with content
* Length of Domain – Length in terms of characters in the domain; a long domain name can actually hurt your chances to resell the domain for a good price should you choose to later on. It also increases the chance that an Internet user will have a hard time remembering that domain
* Number of words in domain – Try to keep the domain name to one or two words. Again, this can actually hurt your chances of reselling the domain for a good price and increases the chance that an Internet user will have a hard time remembering that domain
* Applicability – Is the name generic (can it be applied to a variety of institutions, individuals and businesses)?
* Trademarking & Brand – Does it serves as a strong trademark & brand?
* Dot Value – What is the extension – .biz, .com, .info, .net, .org, .cc?
* Hyphenation – Does the name contain hyphens, such as Once again, a hyphen might be a great idea to you at the time you register the domain however, you limit the ability to resell the domain and the chances the site visitor will remember the domain, and
* Abbreviation – Is anything abbreviated, such as Tyr to choose a domain that does not contain any abbreviations

One thing to consider is that the best domain names are short, unforgettable, ingenious, and easy to spell and pronounce. Also, simple domain names that describe a business’s products or services are easier to market. Choosing a domain name such as to describe your software business is much better then a unique name such as,, or These unique names require extensive marketing efforts to attract customers since the domain names have nothing to do with their principal products or services.

One good approach is to choose a domain name that suggests a websites product or service, but isn’t too commonplace, such as or Domain names like these are suitable for trademark protection and customers should be able to easily remember and correlate the name with your business.

Another good strategy may be to use one distinctive domain name, such as, and one basic domain name, such as, to represent a site that makes or sells cream soda.

Finding a Name That Hasn’t Been Taken

The hard job when picking a domain name is finding a name that is available as millions of domain names have been registered already. For example, if your business name is Fragrance Direct, you will find that has already been registered. In that case, you will have to choose a different domain name or pursue other options for securing the domain name you want. You can see if the domain is actually in use and, if not, you can request that the name be transfered to you. This sometimes requires that you purchase the domain name from the domain owner. Whenever possible, get a domain appraisal prior to inquiring about purchasing a domain.

The best way to find out whether your business name is available is to do a domain name search. Type the name you want, select an extension and click search. You will then get a message alerting you to whether or not the name is available. If it is unavailable, you will be presented with a few suggestions that can be registered. Do not get discouraged. As I stated earlier, many millions of domains have been registered and you may not find the one you want at first.

Creating a domain name to brand your site

If you are creating a site that does not need to have a targeted name, and you can not think of a unique name yourself, a good source for brand-able domain names is Namevo. They have a slew of domains that are registered and available for sale. You can pick up a great brand-able domain for as little as $100. These type of domains are great for portals, search sites, an entertainment site and even perfect for eCommerce websites.

Creating a name for your website can be tedious. Use your head, do not rush into things, consider my suggestions and get a domain appraisal prior to registering or purchasing a domain name.