Did Barnes & Noble sell Nook Tablets knowing they would become $249 paper weights?

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My battery has been draining quicker than when I first got my Nook, so I contacted B&N Customer Service regarding a battery. Vanessa Mae told me:

We would like you to know that the rechargeable battery for NOOK Tablet is not sold on BN.com. The rechargeable battery for NOOK Tablet can only be accessed and replaced by authorized service professionals.

But Bob Weathers on Nook Chat said this:

2:53:00 PM : CustomerMichael: Initial Question/Comment: What is the cost to replace the Nook Tablet battery, and what authorized service professionals are available?

2:53:06 PM : SystemSystem: Welcome to the Barnes & Noble Chatroom.

2:53:21 PM : SystemSystem: Bob Weathers has joined this session!

2:53:21 PM : SystemSystem: Connected with Bob Weathers. Your Reference Number for this chat is 741475.

2:53:26 PM : SystemSystem: Thanks for joining us.

2:53:36 PM : AgentBob Weathers: Good day Michael, thanks for joining Barnes and Noble Digital Chat Support. My name is Bob.

2:53:44 PM : Customer: hey

2:54:31 PM : Agent Bob Weathers: I understood that there is an issue with the battery of your device, am I correct?

2:54:58 PM : Customer: The battery runs down quicker than it did when i first got it.

2:56:11 PM : Agent Bob Weathers: I am sorry for the inconvenience you are facing but the battery of the Nook Tablet cannot be replaced.

2:56:44 PM : Customer: per a CS rep: “The rechargeable battery for NOOK Tablet can only be accessed
and replaced by authorized service professionals.”

2:58:01 PM : Agent Bob Weathers: I am sorry for the misinformation but the battery of the device cannot be taken out of the device.

2:58:53 PM : Customer: Really? I have seen videos of people doing it. So, what You are saying is Barnes & Noble sold tablets knowing that they would become $249 paper weights?

2:59:31 PM : Agent Bob Weathers: I suggest you to turn off the wi-fi and make brightness of the device lower to make the charging good on the device.

2:59:56 PM : Customer: Answer my question

3:00:01 PM : Agent Bob Weathers: I can understand your concern but the charger can be replaced for the Nook 1st edition device only.

3:00:18 PM : Customer: So, what You are saying is Barnes & Noble sold tablets knowing that they would become $249 paper weights?

3:01:31 PM : Customer: So, what You are saying is Barnes & Noble sold tablets knowing that they would become $249 paper weights?

3:01:57 PM : Agent Bob Weathers: I am sorry for the inconvenience you are facing but we can reset the device to its initial settings and then we can change the device settings.

3:02:06 PM : Customer: So, what You are saying is Barnes & Noble sold tablets knowing that they would become $249 paper weights?

3:02:50 PM : Customer: You have no idea what you are doing, do you Bob?

3:03:52 PM : Agent Bob Weathers: , I can understand your issue and it can be resolved by doing a hard rest on the device to reset it.

3:04:32 PM : Customer: So, doing a hard reset would replace a DEAD battery?

3:05:27 PM : Agent Bob Weathers: Yes, it will refresh the device and resets the device to its pintail settings.

3:07:33 PM : Agent Bob Weathers: I am sorry for the typo.

3:07:37 PM : Customer: batteries don’t last forever, Bob.

3:07:42 PM : Agent Bob Weathers: * Initial

3:08:22 PM : Agent Bob Weathers: Yes, I can understand your device but the batteries of the Tablet device are not replaced. We have to replace the device itself.

3:09:30 PM : Customer: Oh? And how is that, B7N expects people to spend and additional $249 when the battery dies?

3:10:08 PM : Agent Bob Weathers: As you are in warranty we can replace the device for free for you.

3:11:24 PM : Customer: Thats not what I am concerned about, Bob. I am concerned that I paid $249 for a paper weight!

3:12:58 PM : Agent Bob Weathers: I am sorry for that but the device is designed in a way that we cannot take the battery out and replace it.

3:13:45 PM : Customer: then all you had to say is Barnes & Noble sold tablets knowing that they would become $249 paper weights!

3:13:57 PM : Customer: I guess I’ll have to consult an attorney.

3:15:33 PM : Agent Bob Weathers: , I can understand your concern and I suggest you to once visit our BN store and then they will reset the device.

3:16:40 PM : Customer: Listen Bob, the damn warranty is for one year. You are telling me the battery can not be replaced. Soooo, I am looking forward to when the damn warranty expires and 2 days later, the battery does also.

3:17:48 PM : Agent Bob Weathers: Is there anything else I can help you with?

3:18:35 PM : Customer: No Bob, you have been completely unhelpful, and evaded my questions like a pro.

3:19:49 PM : Agent Bob Weathers: I am sorry for that but as I have informed you that the battery charging can be minimized by turning off the wi-fi when the device is not used for purchasing.

Does either of these people know what they are talking about?

The Supreme Center Hosting Giving Page

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We just created a Giving Page at DonorsChoose.org, to help support low-income classrooms, and we are inviting you to help support it!

DonorsChoose.org is an online charity connecting individuals, like you, to classrooms in need. The average public school teacher spends $500 – $700 on classroom supplies out of his/her own pocket, and students still go without critical supplies they need to learn. Also, the vast majority of states have made spending cuts that hurt families, reduce necessary services, and effect K-12 education (34 states and the District of Columbia).

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities:

States began cutting their budgets in the spring of 2008, as the recession brought sharply weakened revenues. The cuts have intensified in the face of high and persistent unemployment. Even as the need for state-funded services rose, states cut funding for services by 4.2 percent for fiscal year 2009 and an additional 6.8 percent for 2010, according to estimates by the National Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO). NASBO projects that state spending for 2011 will remain 7.6 percent below 2008 levels.[2] Indeed, the cuts that many states have enacted for FY2011 have been even more severe than those implemented in previous years. For example:

  • Arizona eliminated preschool for 4,328 children, funding for schools to provide additional support to disadvantaged children from preschool to third grade, aid to charter schools, and funding for books, computers, and other classroom supplies. The state also halved funding for kindergarten, leaving school districts and parents to shoulder the cost of keeping their children in school beyond a half-day schedule.
  • California reduced K-12 aid to local school districts by billions of dollars and cut a variety of programs, including adult literacy instruction and help for high-needs students.
  • Colorado has reduced public school spending in FY 2011 by $260 million, nearly a 5 percent decline from the previous year. The cut amounts to more than $400 per student.
  • Georgia cut state funding for K-12 education for FY 2011 by $403 million or 5.5 percent relative to FY 2010 levels. The cut has led the state’s board of education to exempt local school districts from class size requirements to reduce costs.
  • Hawaii shortened the 2009-10 school year by 17 days and furloughed teachers for those days.
  • Illinois cut school education funding by $311 million or 4 percent in its FY 2011 budget relative to FY 2010 levels. Cuts include a significant reduction in funding for student transportation and the elimination of a grant program intended to improve the reading and study skills of at-risk students from kindergarten through the 6th grade.
  • Maryland cut professional development for principals and educators, as well as health clinics, gifted and talented summer centers, and math and science initiatives.
  • Michigan cut its FY 2010 school aid budget by $382 million, resulting in a $165 per-pupil spending reduction. In FY 2011, Michigan restored $11 in funding per student, so per-pupil funding remains $154 below 2009 levels.
  • Over the course of FY10, Mississippi cut by 7.2 percent funding for the Mississippi Adequate Education Program, a program established to bring per-pupil K-12 spending up to adequate levels in every district.
  • Massachusetts cut state education aid by $115.6 million, or 3 percent in its FY 2011 budget relative to FY 2010 levels. It also made a $4.6 million, or 16 percent cut relative to FY 2010 levels to funding for early intervention services, which help special-needs children develop appropriately and be ready for school.
  • Missouri is cutting its funding for K-12 transportation by 46 percent. The cut in funding likely will lead to longer bus rides and the elimination of routes for some of the 565,000 students who rely on the school bus system.
  • New Jersey cut funding for afterschool programs aimed to enhance student achievement and keep students safe between the hours of 3 and 6 p.m. The cut will likely cause more than 11,000 students to lose access to the programs and 1,100 staff workers to lose their jobs.
  • North Carolina cut by 21 percent funding for a program targeted at small schools in low-income areas and with a high need for social workers and nurses. As a result, 20 schools will be left without a social worker or nurse. The state also temporarily eliminated funding for teacher mentoring.
  • Rhode Island cut state aid for K-12 education and reduced the number of children who can be served by Head Start and similar services.
  • Virginia’s $700 million in cuts for the coming biennium include the state’s share of an array of school district operating and capital expenses and funding for class-size reduction in kindergarten through third grade. In addition, a $500 million reduction in state funding for some 13,000 support staff such as janitors, school nurses, and school psychologists from last year’s budget was made permanent.
  • Washington suspended a program to reduce class sizes and provide professional development for teachers; the state also reduced funding for maintaining 4th grade student-to-staff-ratios by $30 million.
  • State education grants to school districts and education programs have also been cut in Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Utah.

How can you help?

1. Visit our Giving Page
2. Choose a project to help students in need, with a donation of any size!

Thanks in advance for your support

Google Adsense revenues — Mums not the word

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A recent Google blog post revealed exactly how much revenue it shares with third-party websites. Google said that its AdSense for content program paid out 68% of revenues to publishers, while under its AdSense for search program, publishers received 51%.

Up until now, Google has remained mum on revenue shares which led many to question if publisher revenue was on a decline. However, Monday’s blog post suggests that revenue publishers receive has been the same for AdSense since its launch in 2003.

The Google post went on to say that “We hope this additional transparency helps you gain more insight into your business partnership with Google. We believe our revenue share is very competitive, and the vast number of advertisers who compete to appear on AdSense sites helps to ensure that you’re earning the most from every ad impression.”

SupremeCenterHosting.com's Toolbar

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SupremeCenterHosting.com gets a facelift

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The Supreme Center Hosting website underwent a facelift. All of the top level pages have a new look and new navigation. We also changed the look of our Billing & Support Center and also our blog. The changes include:

New layout and design – Prior to the changes we were using CRE Loaded. We felt that CRE could no longer provide what we needed, so we designed a new website altogether. The new layout & design loads faster than the previous installation.

Better menu system – We placed links to pages most useful in the right column and footer of the new design. We also added more information and will continue to sporadically add new content.

Ordering – With the addition of a new billing system, we felt that using the CRE Loaded shopping cart made little sense. The new billing system will provide the fraud scrubbing we need, while allowing our customers to order hosting products and services, which will now be processed instantaneously [in most cases].

FAQ – We added a small FAQ section along with links to our Billing & Support section on most pages, thus making it easier to obtain the answers you need.

Recent Blog Posts – Our main page shows excerpts from recent blog posts.

New dedicated server & shared hosting and SSL certificate pages have been added – The new pages provide more info while making it easier to place your order.

If you have not had a look of the new SupremeCenterHosting.com, why not do so now and let us know what you think… your feedback is welcomed!