osDate Needs To Trim Some Fat

January 27, 2009 in Open Source, osDate by SupremeCenterHosting  |  No Comments

fatosDate, still one of the noobs to the open source scene, is a dating / matchmaking application developed and distributed by Darren Gates of Tufat.com. I happened upon it about 3-4 years ago while looking for a dating script for a client. Although it was still in its infancy it did have appeal, and at the time I thought it had potential.

The main programmer, Vijaynair, made his start in MySQL and apparently never had any formal training in PHP. IMHO, it shows as many parts of osDate have always lacked any real forethought. This may not completely contribute to Vijay’s naïveté, but most likely is the shortcomings of its creator, Darren Gates. I always likened some features as being “doors to nowhere” simply because many features did not seem to work in the way you thought they should.

When osDate v2 was released, a plug-in system was added so those new features created by Tufat or osDate community members could be easily plugged into an installation of osDate. Evidently the plug-in system hit a brick wall. I say this because v2 was about 30MB unpacked and has since swelled to 80MB! More than twice the size of an initial v2 installation, and from what I can tell, there is not much more to the application to substantiate the girth.

There might be a few things I have not noticed, but despite of what is in it, I thought the intention of the plug-in system was for plugging in new features. Look as if osDate could go on a diet and the extra fat could be sucked out and discharged into the plug-in system. I would think that the end user should be able to download and install just the plug-ins they want. This could significantly trim down the size of the application by 20-30MB.

osDate is starting to look like a overfed Microsoft application. Perhaps it is time that someone come up with a diet pill for overweight open source applications [or bloat-ware as I like to call it]… osDate could surely use one… its too fat.