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Why Use Of Cloud Hosting And Its Advantages

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Cloud hosting or cloud computing has a capacity of running a specified program on many connected computers at same time. This refers to a network based service being provided by real server hardware, being served by a virtual hardware responding to running of software on one or more real machines. They do not have any physical existence making an ease in moving them around and scaling up on the fly without the end user being affected.

Some Of Attributes Of Cloud Hosting:

  • Cost: Aids to reduction of computing cost. Cost saving also depends on type of supported activities and even infrastructure available in house.
  • Agility: Helps in improving user’s ability towards re-provision technical infrastructure resource.
  • Application programming interface (API): This provides accessibility to software enabling machine to interact with cloud software. This system use Representation State Transfer (REST).
  • Virtualization: Helps in easy migration of application and data from one physical server to another, allowing sharing of server and storage device
  • Location and device independence: User can easily access systems in respective of place and device being used.
  • Reliability: Improves by using multi redundant sites, this makes well designed cloud computing system suitable for disaster recovery and business community.
  • It also includes: Scalability and elasticity, Multi-tenancy, Performance, Security and Maintenance

Grid Computing:

This new phase of computing in cloud is a kind of grid computing, involving quality of service and reliability problems. This computing concept provides technology and tools for building data or compute intensive parallel application at very affordable price in comparison to former parallel computing.

Cloud Layer:

This functionality of cloud layer from Softlayer allows an individual to deploy computing instance as per requirement of different operating system at a 2.GHz processor involving a time period of just five minutes. These instances can easily be integrated or can be run as standalone instance. Here pricing is done by hour or one can get benefits of discount by paying monthly.

The concept of computing known as cloud computing leverages concept of utility computing, providing metrics for different kind of services used. These metrics are available at the core of public cloud pay per use design.

The whole new era of computing is result of evolution and adoption of different new and exciting technologies and paradigms. Main objective of this cloud computing or cloud hosting is allowing an individual using this to have an access to all technology and get benefited. Cloud computing system aims on reducing cost helping the user to focus on their actual business rather being involved and entrapped in it obstacles, this also minimizes user involvement hence automation boost up the speed of process concluding to reduction of possibilities of human errors. Cloud hosting has paved the way of new computing world with much more to come and discover.


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vePortal VPS Control Panel

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The vePortal VPS Control Panel is a virtual environment control panel, combining a user friendly client interface with a administration facility.

vePortal VPS Control Panel actively monitors your server node recording all service related activity, reporting back to you via the vePortal Administration Interface. Services monitored include:

  • Hard Disk Usage & Availability
  • Memory Utilization, Including Total, Free, Used & Cached
  • Uptime Information, Including 3x Load Averages
  • User Information. All SSHD connectivity is recorded

Because all client accounts are monitored 24 hours a day, both you and the client are able to see the exact usage of a specific account. Resources monitored include:

  • Available & Used Hard Disk Space
  • Available & Used Memory Information
  • CPU Percentage Utilization
  • Backup Allowance & Usage

Our Linux VPS are powered by the vePortal Virtual Private Server management software platform. Each Linux Virtual Private Server performs & executes like a stand-alone serve. It can be rebooted independently, has its own root access, users, IP addresses, memory, processes, files, applications, system libraries, & configuration files. With vePortal you can fully re-install or reload the VPS with just a few clicks.

If you are a webmaster, web designer, web developer, or & business owner, have a look at our Linux VPS and Premium Linux VPS to take advantage of what vePortal VPS Control Panel has to offer you.