Domain Name Reseller

Supreme Center Hosting’s Hottest Reseller Program

  • Low Wholesale Prices
  • Private-labeled: Your customers will not know you are a reseller

Our Domain Reseller Program offers:

  • A Comprehensive Product portfolio
  • A ready-to-use, private labeled website
  • Multilingual private labeled control panel
  • Complete process automation
  • Comprehensive API
  • Sales & marketing automation
  • Finance & billing automation
  • Provisioning automation
  • You choose which domain tld’s will be abailable to your customers
  • Managing customers & resellers
Super Site Features

The Super Site is a complete private-labeled retail website from where your customers can sign up for various products. The Super Site allows you to start selling domains right away.

Your Super Site is:

  • Multi-tierd: A separate private-labeled copy of the Super Site is available to you, your resellers, & their resellers, so that each of you can manage your retail businesses
  • Fully Customizable: Both you & your resellers can modify the HTML, CSS & images of the Super Site using an easy-to-use point-and-click Content Management System, allowing excellent scope for customization
  • Multilingual: All content of the Super Site is translation friendly. You & your resellers can contribute to the Super Sitet ranslation effort
  • A feature rich shopping cart which allows customers to purchase products through you & your resellers
  • The Shopping cart has an intelligent product suggestion tool that identifies potential services that customers may want to buy, based on their current shopping cart contents, & prompts customers to make additional purchases, increasing your revenue potential during each shopping process
  • The Super Site is geared to give your customers a continuous shopping experience. Your customers can move from any section of the site to any other section – selecting items, viewing details & making decisions – until they finally wish to checkout
  • Over 50+ pages of marketing content & collaterals
  • Integrated Whois server
  • Online point-and-click easy-to-use content management system that allows you to change every page & upload your own content,images & more
  • Linked to your private labeled knowledgebase
  • contains flash & live demos of various products & services
  • Intuitive customer & product sign up forms
  • Integration with our control panel allowing your resellers & customers to switch between the supersite & the control panels
  • Integration with the API for fetching product settings, pre-configured plans, pricing & other information
  • Provides complete finance & billing automation – online invoicing, payment collection, payment gateway integration, & advance accounts

Note: You do not have to use the Super Site to sell our products & services – you can build your own website from scratch & replicate the functionality provided by the Super Site via API. We provide the Super Site as a way to jump-start your business.

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Linux VPS ve1
vePortal / OpenVZ

CPU: 1000MHZ Guaranteed
Memory: 512MB Guaranteed
Disk Space: 20GB
Bandwidth: 1000GB/Month
IP Addresses: 2 [IPv4] + IPv6
Management: Basic managed
DDOS Protection: CISCO Guard

SolusVM / Xen

CPU: 1000MHZ Guaranteed
Memory: 512MB Guaranteed
Disk Space: 20GB (RAID Based Config)
Bandwidth: 1000GB/MONTH
IP Addresses: 2 (IPv4) + IPv6
Management: Basic Managed

Premium Linux VPS veP1
vePortal / OpenVZ

CPU: 2000MHZ Guaranteed
Memory: 512MB/1GB (Guaranteed/burst)
Disk Space: 20GB (RAID based config)
Bandwidth: 2000GB/Month (1GBPS Port)
IP Addresses: 2 (IPv4) + IPv6
Management: Basic managed
DDOS Protection: CISCO Guard

Alpha SSL
SSL Certificates

Standard SSL. Enables Yellow SSL Padlock. SSL should be used to secure web site transactions, logins, webmail & connections. Supreme Center Hosting offers you the highest levels of security, confidence, & trust in your web site & online brand. We take pride in our security & the security of our customers, which is why our billing & support center is SSL secured.
Starting @ $29Year

Executive Web Hosting
  • Disk Space 25000MB
  • Traffic 250GB
Linux VPS
  • CPU: 1000MHZ Guaranteed
  • Memory: 512MB Guaranteed
SSL Certificates
  • Standard SSL
  • Enables Yellow SSL Padlock