OrganizationSSL SSL Certificates

OrganizationSSL SSL Certificates – Extra levels of authentication for extra trust

Your company’s existence is verified through third party databases & your company documentation. OrganizationSSL SSL Certificates has a high level of customer trust because your company name & address are included within the actual Certificate. Your Site Seal profile also shows your company details (registered or trading address can be shown). Secure your transactions & let customers know you have been vetted.

  • Standard SSL (secures a single domain name)
  • Unified Communications multi-domain (secures up to 40 domains, subdomains, IP addresses & hostnames)
  • Issued in 2 business days or less
  • Enables Yellow SSL Padlock
  • Free SGC encryption
  • Underwritten warranty of $100,000
  • 3 server licenses for the price of 1 (2 more than the competition!)

1 year = $309
2 year = $579
3 year = $749