What Yahoo & Bing Can Do For Your Online Business

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Google seems to get the most attention when it comes to building an online business, but some of the other search engines offer the tools and the market to make them worth your attention. Yahoo and Bing have nowhere near the market share of Google, but the business that can be gained from their loyal users is nothing to laugh at.

Yahoo offers a variety of business tools that all e-commerce companies should research and then take advantage of. Some of the more useful offers are:

  • Advertising Solutions:  This is a hub of useful information about advertising on the web. It includes access to Yahoo advertising products such as display ads, behavioral targeting, and geo targeting solutions. There is also web news, interviews with industry professionals, and research from advertising industry leaders.
  • Package Tracking:  You can easily track your shipments from DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS with Yahoo’s tracking tools.
  • Web Analytics:  Google Analytics is the go-to for most online businesses, but Yahoo’s analytics can be useful as well.
  • APIs and Developer Tools:  This is a collection of over sixty of Yahoo’s APIs for business, social networking, mobile devices, media players, and other web services
  • Developer Network:  The Developer Network has personalized dashboards for developers to manage their projects, technical guides and tutorials for developing apps, language and code libraries, and news for developers.
  • Yahoo! Messenger:  You may not know that Yahoo! Messenger has added quite a few new applications. It still offers instant messaging, but now you can take it with you on your mobile phone, make free video chats, and if you combine with Yahoo! Voice, you can make free PC-to-PC calls or even low-rate PC-to-phone calls worldwide. Great features for all e-commerce platforms.

Bing is also working hard to keep up with and compete with Google in the e-commerce support arena. Here are some of Bing’s more useful business tools:

  • Webmaster Tools:  Help to improve your e-commerce site’s SEO by submitting your site URLs to be sure they are indexed by Bing. It also tracks data on inbound and outbound links to and from your site, shows you keyword performance, and more. This is useful for improving your sites rankings on all search engines.
  • Developer Tools:  Similar to what Yahoo offers, Bing provides useful tools for web and app developers. The standout service is the ability to build customized search engines for your apps and e-commerce websites.
  • Site Submission:  Allows you to submit your site’s URL to Bing to make sure you can be found on the web. All online businesses should do this with all the search engines.
  • Microsoft Ad Network:  Microsoft’s ad network is ranked in the top ten for U.S. ad-network reach, with an average 44 million daily visitors and a total of 149 million unique visitors. By utilizing Bing, you can advertise to this user group directly.
  • Social Search:  Social marketing is critical for all e-commerce businesses. Bing’s Social Search allows you to quickly search out the latest trending topics on Twitter and Facebook so your marketing group can produce content with keywords matching current user searches.
  • Bing Translator:  In order to compete with Google, Microsoft developed its own language translator that can translate a word or phrase into any of the thirty-two supported major world languages. This can help you move your enterprise ecommerce platform onto the global stage.

Starting your e-commerce company with Google tools and targeting Google search is a wise decision for most businesses. However, it is important to not forget about the large number of web users that utilize Yahoo and Bing on a daily basis. Competition breeds innovation and this has led to a large number of tools being created by Yahoo and Bing to attract more online businesses. Most of these tools are free and can make a large positive impact on your e-commerce business’ bottom line.

Brent Carlson is a prolific Internet writer dedicated to improving small business enterprise online.

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